Day 11

Today was my first day of class and I missed the lecture. I thought it started later than it did, but it’s ok. The lecture isn’t mandatory, only the seminar part and I went to that. Today was the In a Time of Violence class so we just read a few articles and were assigned to watch a movie online for class. Kind of boring but the class overall seems interesting enough.

About 4pm I met up with Ben and Lauren and we ate at The Footage and watched the Manchester City vs. Liverpool game. It was exciting to watch out first real football match in a legit pub atmosphere. After the first half Lauren decided that she wanted to see The Met since Ben and I had been telling her about it all afternoon so we took a trip down the street.

When we walked in we thought Karaoke Night was pumping because we could hear music and someone singing really well only to walk up the stairs and find the DJ serenading an empty room. We felt bad because the night before he had been excited for karaoke and no one had showed up so we stayed. Somehow he convinced me to sing with him despite the fact that I can not sing to save my life. Lauren sang ‘I like big butts’ and I wish I had filmed it to keep on file for blackmail later, it was hilarious. :D

Eventually three other people showed up and joined us in our ridiculous en-devour to sing every song we could find. I’m not really a drinker but we ended up doing a shot of Southern Comfort with our three new friends (Daniel, Kirsty and Sophie) and the DJ.

After several hours of singing anything we could find The Met closed and the DJ promised that if I came back Tuesday for the next PubQuiz that he would buy me a shot and I’d get free drinks. I figure I’d take 1 free drink since Ben and I were planning on making the PubQuizzes our thing this term and being there anyways.

We walked back down the street and went back to The Footage with Daniel, Sophie and Kirsty and danced a little. It was really crowded though so after Ben and Daniel took a smoke break we called it a night.

Lauren decided to stay over in my room for the night so we ended up staying up for quite a while.

Really great night all in all. I’m happy that I’m making some pretty cool friends and that I’m not reverting back to my socially awkward and hermit-y ways :D

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